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The Roaring Fork Observation Network Stations Data

All data gathered from AGCI's own soil moisture network, the iRON, is intended for free public use. Live data gathered from AGCI's soil and climate monitoring stations, which is uncalibrated and unreviewed for outliers, can be found through pages housing information about individual stations. These stations measure soil temperature (8in/20cm depth), soil moisture (2, 8, 20 inch (5, 20, 51cm) depths), air temperature, relative humidity, and rain. Some select stations also measure snow depth. Rain is measured by a tipping bucket rain gauge, and measurements taken during freezing months when snow is present are unreliable. Data are collected either every 20 or every 30 minutes and transmitted to the database every four hours.

For data from the Roaring Fork Valley collected by agencies other than AGCI visit Further Resources.

View Historic iRON Data

The graphs below show calibrated, reviewed data that is updated monthly. To download any of the data associated with these graphs, click on the hamburger icon beside the graph. To request metadata or a full set of data for any station, please contact us directly at info at Graphs below show the full data record available for each sensor. Drag and draw your cursor across a portion of the graph to zoom in on a shorter time frame.