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Data Access Pathways

Soil Moisture Calibration and Methods

See Soil Moisture Sensor Calibration Equations

See Soil Moisture Sensor Calibration Methods

iRON Station Sensor Data

Data gathered by iRON is intended for use by researchers, resource managers, and the general public. If you have questions about our data, equipment, or the network itself, questions can be sent to Research and Education Coordinator, Elise Osenga, via email: eliseo at For a list of data sets relevant to the Roaring Fork Valley collected by other organizations, check our Further Resources page.

See Today's Data by Station
Click on station locations on the graph to see the most recent conditions for each station

Visit the iRON API Data Board
Access to data dating from 2018 and updated every 12 hours with the most recent outputs. The iRON Data Board houses data for all stations, with the exception of Independence Pass. The most current Independence Pass Data can be found through the "live data" link on the Independence Pass station page.

Access Archived Data
Access .csv files with the full record of station data dating from installation to March of 2018

Access Vegetation Surveys
Access to data from Modified Whitaker Plots, with data on plant species presence and density. Surveys have been conducted at all sites except Glassier Ranch.

To see images of each station or learn more about soil type, visit our Station Pages Station Pages.

Explore the Data Record Using Graphs

The graphs below show calibrated, cleaned data and are updated twice a year. To download any of the data associated with these graphs, click on the hamburger icon beside the graph. To request metadata or a full set of data for any station, please contact us directly at info at Drag and draw your cursor across a portion of the graph to zoom in on a shorter time frame. Date and time are in United States Mountain Time