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Climate Change Challenges to Agriculture, Food Security, and Health

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At both global and regional scales, the provision of food security and maintenance of ecosystem services are under threat from dangerous human interference in the earth’s climate. At country scales, nations are concerned over potential damages that may arise in coming decades from climate change impacts, as these are likely to affect their citizens’ well-being, regional planning, resource use, trading patterns, and international policies.

While agro¬climatic conditions, as well as land resources and their management are key components of food production, current framing of agriculture expands beyond production to encompass the entire food system. This includes demand as well as supply, both of which are critically affected by distinct socio¬economic pressures, including current and projected trends in population, income growth and distribution, as well as availability and access to technology and development.

Farmers and others in the agricultural sector are thus faced with the quadruple task of contributing to global reductions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions, coping with an already¬-changing climate, delivering healthy nutritious food, and sustainably managing soil and water resources. In short, agriculture is being called upon to ensure both human and planetary health.