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Advanced Climate Modeling and Decision-Making Support of Climate Services

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Session Description: 

The objective of this workshop was to explore linkages between advanced climate change science and modeling and climate service types of decision support, focused initially on water resource management decision-makers and decision-making tools, with some attention to coastal vulnerability-reduction decision-making as well. The aims of the workshop were to:
• Match questions being asked by decision-makers with answers that can currently be supplied by available modeling tools;
• Identify/define questions being asked by decision-makers that cannot be answered by currently available modeling tools;
• Take a first step toward identifying gaps that might be closed by (improvement in/development of additional) high resolution models; and
• Identify alternative strategies might be needed to supplement decision support needs across different timescales.

One of the useful outcomes of the workshop will be an identification of priorities for developing effective collaboration between the climate modeling and water resource communities building on experiences to date.
Invited participants in the workshop included leading climate scientists and modelers, leading water resource management decision-makers and planners, coastal vulnerability decision-makers, and climate change impact and response experts with experience in bridging between climate change science and applications to decision support. This workshop and follow-up activities are intended to begin a dialogue and continue to guide product development and awareness in a changing climate.

The workshop was by Aspen Global Change Institute (AGCI) in collaboration with the Water Utility Climate Alliance (WUCA). AGCI's interdisciplinary workshops are supported by agencies of the U.S Global Change Research Program.

Workshop Topic (s):
Land-Use/Land-Cover Change