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Exploring the Boundaries of Nature: A Reflective Dialogue on the Environment

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Session Description: 

The purpose of the workshop is to bring together experts from a diverse range of communities to consider new ways of exploring our relationship to the environment. We will use psychological and philosophical perspectives to aid in creating a new forum for dialogue among five communities, often functioning in separation:
• science
• business
• government
• media
• education.
In this workshop we will not assess the science of global environmental change, but understand and explore impediments to reaching a consensus view among the five communities. Most importantly we propose to explore common issues of each community's relationship to the environment. Past approaches to understanding this dilemma in communication have come from disciplines such as political science, economics and sociology. Yet we believe there is usefulness in looking at the fundamental psychological and philosophical dimensions of this dilemma. The workshop brings together representatives from each of the five communities, and will explore our values and relationship to the environment and our differing ways in conveying these experiences across community boundaries. Through focused awareness on how we talk about our experiences we hope to establish new directions in crossing boundaries among the five communities.

Workshop Topic (s): 
  • Climate Variability and Change (including Climate Modeling)
  • Ecosystems
  • Human Contributions & Responses
  • Land-Use/Land-Cover Change