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Explore AGCI projects aimed to engage all ages in the study and understanding of earth systems.
  • AGCI Walter Orr Roberts Public Lecture Series
    AGCI hosts public lectures by leading scientists as part of an event series named in honor of Walter Orr Roberts, a notable scientist, humanitarian, and founder of the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, CO. This series has covered the gamut of global change topics from changes in biodiversity, to human health changes in response to the environment, to the climate of earth's past, present, and future.
  • AGCI Science Sessions
    Conceived in 1989 and conducted each year since 1990, AGCI's interdisciplinary workshops bring together scientists from across the globe to discuss current, critical topics in global environmental change.
  • Energy Solutions
    AGCI is dedicated to identifying promising policies, technologies, and research ideas that accommodate the energy requirements of the human population while reducing the environmental impact of civilization’s energy needs. Our solutions page showcases solution strategies, AGCI's Energy Table and Energy Tool, and our Quarterly Research Review series.
  • iRON
    The interactive Roaring Fork Observation Network (iRON) is comprised of a series of local watershed-wide monitoring stations (ranging in elevation from 6,200ft to over 12,000ft) that help to improve local understanding of our ecosystems in the context of a changing climate.
  • Resilience
    The AGCI Resilience Project aims to help foster improved dialogue about resilience and offers a set of core principles from which communities can get started. This work emerges from a 2015 AGCI workshop on the topic "Risk & Resilience in the Face of Global Change".