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Our Team

  • James Arnott
    Executive Director

    Dr. James Arnott is the Executive Director of the Aspen Global Change Institute. James has worked for over a decade on climate change mitigation and adaptation. At AGCI, James guides the Institute’s programming, which includes an annual series of interdisciplinary workshops alongside various research and solutions-oriented initiatives. James’ own research seeks to understand how to better link scientific knowledge with decision-making through empirical studies on collaborative research and science funding. In 2011, James received the McCloy Fellowship in Environmental Policy from the American Council on Germany. James received a PhD in Environment & Sustainability from the University of Michigan and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Economics from Principia College. Currently, James is also a visiting scholar at the University of Michigan’s Graham Sustainability Institute. View James’ CV and GoogleScholar profile. Contact James at or on Twitter, @jcarnott.

  • Nicole Aldarondo
    Finance and Grant Assistant

    Nicole Aldarondo Morales is a Finance and Grant Assistant at Aspen Global Change Institute. She has experience in office management and higher education administration. Previous to her years working in higher education, Nicole interned as a faculty research assistant for the department of plant pathology at Oregon State University. She also holds a B.S. in Microbiology and is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Business-Financial Analytics at Oregon State University. Contact Nicole:

  • Liz Carver
    Communications Manager

    Liz Carver joined Aspen Global Change Institute in August 2020. Previously, Liz managed communications for Groundwork USA, a national network working at the nexus of the environment, equity, and civic engagement. At CLF Ventures, the market-solutions arm of Conservation Law Foundation, she provided project management, strategy development, and communications expertise to projects related to clean energy and climate change, sustainable food systems, and healthy communities. Before shifting to the environmental arena, Liz worked over 20 years producing science and history documentaries and websites for public television and nonprofit organizations. Liz holds a BA from Yale University and an MA in Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning from Tufts University. Contact Liz:

  • Devan Crane
    Program Associate

    Devan Crane is a Program Associate for Aspen Global Change Institute. Prior to joining AGCI, Devan’s Valley employment included working at the Aspen Science Center, as a ACES Naturalist, and teaching at Wildwood Preschool. Following her graduation with a B.S. in Biology from East Carolina University, Devan served as a Research and Development Scientist and as a Consultant in commercial aquaponics. Her interests in sustainable agriculture and aquaculture led to a variety of work-related and volunteer educational engagements over the years, including study abroad, community-based programming, education fairs, high school internship programs, and helping lead professional training workshops and seminars with the FDA and USDA.

  • Emily Jack-Scott
    Program Director

    Emily Jack-Scott directs AGCI's interdisciplinary scientific workshops series, including topical selection, fundraising, planning, execution, and post-workshop support. She also manages AGCI's Energy Project, advancing clean energy pathways informed by the latest scientific research. She also leads work to advance diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice within AGCI's programming and organizational culture, as well as in the geosciences more broadly. She joined AGCI in 2015 from a professional background in forest science, forestry, arboriculture, and urban greening. She holds a Master's in Forest Science (MFS) and a B.A. in Environmental Studies from Yale University. Contact Emily:

  • John Katzenberger
    Co-Founder, Senior Fellow

    John Katzenberger is Co­-founder of the Aspen Global Change Institute. He is currently serving as a Senior Fellow with AGCI. His primary interests are in interdisciplinary research in the broad fields of Earth System Science and global environmental change and their application in society, particularly educational outreach. John has served as the principal investigator for numerous research and educational grants. Federal agency sponsors of his work include NASA, NOAA, NSF, USDA, EPA, and DOE. In 2014 he was elected as an American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellow “for distinguished contributions to interdisciplinary research on global environmental change and for support of researchers, educators and practitioners working to make this knowledge societally relevant.” Contact John:

  • Elise Osenga
    Community Science Manager

    Elise Osenga joined AGCI in 2013. Guided by her interests in ecosystem processes and the interface between science and public action, Elise's current projects include managing AGCI's soil moisture monitoring network, assisting with ACES's Forest Health Index, coordinating with research fellows, and educational outreach. Elise's background includes field work, environmental education, public communication, and non-profit operations. She acts as contributing editor for Proteus Science Communication and maintains a Certified Interpretive Guide standing with the National Association of Interpretation. Elise holds a B.A. in Biology and English from St. Olaf College and an M.A. in Conservation Biology from Miami University, Ohio. Contact Elise:

  • Jessica Reilly-Moman
    Climate Services and Assessment Fellow

    Dr. Jessica Reilly-Moman is a social scientist, ecologist, and writer supporting projects that build equity-centered climate resilience. As the Climate Services and Assessment Fellow at AGCI, Jess focuses on solutions-based approaches to climate justice by using data, stories, and collaborations to move climate projects toward more equitable, transparent, and measurable outcomes. For the past 20 years, she has led diverse teams and projects to balance development with natural resource conservation and human well-being in the Americas, Europe, and Africa. For three years, Jess was funded by a US Fulbright and the Institute of Current World Affairs to lead a sailing expedition throughout Latin America to elevate local stories of coastal climate resilience. Jess holds a BA in Ecology from Brown University, an interdisciplinary MS from the Energy and Resources Group at University of California – Berkeley, and a PhD in Ecology and Environmental Sciences from the University of Maine. Contact Jess:

  • Julie Vano
    Research Director

    Julie’s research interests include hydrology, water resource management, science policy, climate change impacts, and system dynamics. Her current work aims to better connect climate science and the applications community and use these connections to develop innovative ways to address climate impacts on local water resources. She holds an MS in Land Resources from the University of Wisconsin and a PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Washington. Contact Julie:

  • Alyson Wright
    Finance Director

    Alyson Wright is the Finance Director at Aspen Global Change Institute. She is responsible for managing internal financial and accounting systems, structuring AGCI's policies and procedures, and overseeing organizational compliance. She has experience managing non-profits and small businesses and is active with startup communities and initiatives to support women in technology. Alyson has done research for several award-winning authors assisting with their books on battery technology and world religions, among other topics. Contact Alyson: awright (at)

  • Asa DeHaan
    AGCI Seasonal Field Technician

    Asa DeHaan is the Seasonal Field Technician for Aspen Global Change Institute. A former AGCI Intern, Asa has a degree in Sustainability Studies from Colorado Mountain College. He is experienced in conducting research and field work, as well as in maintaining and experimenting with a variety of electronic and mechanical equipment. Asa is passionate about science and creating a sustainable future through farming and environmental studies.

  • Susanne Moser
    ACGI Senior Research Fellow

    Dr. Susanne Moser is Director and Principal Researcher of Susanne Moser Research & Consulting, based in Hadley, MA, a Research Faculty in the Environmental Studies Department of Antioch University New England, and an Affiliated Faculty in the Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning at UMass-Amherst. In her research and work with local, state and federal government agencies, non-governmental organizations, foundations, private-sector entities and other researchers, Susi focuses on adaptation to climate change, especially in coastal areas, resilience, transformation, decision support, effective climate change communication.

  • Michael Munroe
    Munroe MultiMedia

    Michael Munroe, of Munroe MultiMedia, has recorded almost every AGCI scientific workshop since the very first meeting in 1990. When he is not at AGCI, he is an Educational Media Coordinator at the University of Florida. He has over 30 Years of Television and Video Production Experience. Learn more about his work at

  • Rachael Jones

    Rachael Jones is a Research Assistant with Aspen Global Change Institute. A former AGCI intern, Rachael is currently completing her Bachelor's degree in Sustainability Studies from Colorado Mountain College. Rachael has experience in conducting field work, research, and assisting in behind-the-scenes logistics for AGCI. Rachael is passionate about local ecosystem ecology, local water, and snowpack.

  • Todd Sanford
    AGCI Senior Research Fellow

    Todd Sanford is a climate scientist with expertise in atmospheric chemistry and climate system physics. He holds a PhD in physical chemistry from the University of Colorado. Todd has been engaged with AGCI since 2016.

  • Missy Stults
    AGCI Senior Fellow of Practice

    Dr. Missy Stults is the Sustainability and Innovations Manager for the City of Ann Arbor. In this role, she works with all city operations, residents, businesses, the University of Michigan, nonprofits, and others to make Ann Arbor one of the most sustainable and equitable cities in America. Prior to joining the City, Missy worked with cities and tribal communities to advance their climate and sustainability goals and as a consultant to philanthropic organizations, helping them integrate resilience thinking into their investment portfolios. Prior to this Missy was the Climate Director for a nonprofit called ICLEI-USA where she worked with hundreds of U.S. cities on climate-related activities. Missy has a PhD in urban resilience from the University of Michigan, a Masters in Climate and Society from Columbia University, and undergraduate degrees in Marine Biology and Environmental Science from the University of New England.

Board of Directors

Dr. Rosamond L. Naylor
Board President
Director, Program on Food Security and the Environment
Professor, Department of Environmental Earth System Science, Stanford University

Dr. Jennifer Burney
Associate Professor, School of Global Policy & Strategy
University of California, San Diego

Dr. Marty Hoffert
Professor of Physics (Emeritus)
New York University

Mr. John Katzenberger
Co-founder and President Emeritus
Aspen Global Change Institute

Mr. Michael Stranahan
Secretary and Treasurer

Advisory Board

Dr. Jill Baron
Ecosystem Ecologist, U.S. Geological Survey
Senior Research Ecologist, Colorado State University

Dr. Ken Caldeira
Sr. Scientist, Breakthrough Energy
Sr. Staff Scientist (Emeritus), Department of Global Ecology,
Carnegie Institution for Science

Dr. Rick Chappell
AGCI Co-founder
Professor of Physics (Emeritus), Vanderbilt University

Dr. Lisa Dilling
Director, Western Water Assessment
Professor, Environmental Studies
University of Colorado, Boulder

Dr. Katharine Mach
Senior Research Scientist,
Department of Earth System Science
Stanford University

Dr. Angeline Pendergrass
Project Scientist I, Climate and Global Dynamics Laboratory
National Center for Atmospheric Research

Dr. Imtiaz Rangwala
Western Water Assessment
Research Scientist, Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES)
University of Colorado, Boulder

Dr. Donald J. Wuebbles
Harry E. Preble Endowed Professor,
Department of Atmospheric Sciences
University of Illinois