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Global Solutions Lab

This section is currently under construction. Soon, visitors to this page will find information about proposed solutions to the most pressing global environmental challenges. In light of the tremendous impact global climate change will have on human civilization, considerable worldwide effort is being directed into finding global-scale solutions to either mitigate climate-driven changes or adapt to potential impacts. Much research has addressed technological innovation, particularly in the realm of energy, but attention has also focused on necessary social, business, and legal reforms. Given the vast output of ideas coming from this worldwide brainstorm, it is important to put each idea in perspective, assessing its social, economic, political, environmental, and technological feasibility, as well as to anticipate any potentially unfavorable indirect impacts.


This section of the website is devoted to disseminating information about global-scale climate solutions in the realms of science and technology, law and policy, business, agriculture, and society. An interactive energy tool will allow users to compare the global application potential of existing and proposed energy technologies, including renewable, nuclear, and fossil-based options. These technologies will be evaluated for their carbon mitigation potential, scalability, efficiency, total resource/reserves, cost, barriers to implementation, and theoretical vs. technical/economic/political feasibility. Solutions featured in this section will utilize data compiled from peer-reviewed sources, and will be continually updated as new information becomes available.