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Noel Keenlyside

Title:   Research Scientist
Organization:   Institut fuer Meereswissenschaften-Fusion des Forschungszentrums für Marine Geowissenschaften (IFM-GEOMAR)
    Keil,  Schleswig-Holstein 
Website:   http://www.ifm-geomar.de/~nkeenlyside#18154
 AGCI Technical Presentations by Noel Keenlyside

29 June 2011
Comments on decadal prediction in the Atlantic sector
Presented at AGCI's 2011 "Making Sense of the multi-model decadal prediction experiments from CMIP5" workshop.


24 June 2008
Advancing Decadal-Scale Climate Prediction in the North Atlantic Sector
Presented at AGCI's 2008 "Climate Prediction to 2030: Is it possible, what are the scientific issues, and how would those predictions be used?" workshop.