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Since its founding in 1989, AGCI has contributed to the advancement of scientific understanding of such phenomena as climate change, biodiversity loss, sustainable agriculture, carbon management, ozone depletion, and many more.


***We are currently in the process of building a new AGCI website! In the process, some workshop resources may be unavailable or out of date. Until the launch, please contact Alyson at info@agci.org for access to any presentations or videos.***


AGCI provides a forum for interdisciplinary dialogue on global change through its summer scientist workshops. Workshop content and post-session projects are shared with the agencies of the US Global Change Research Program as well as in reports and scientific journals.

AGCI also engages in a variety of educational initiatives aimed at improving understanding of global change by the public, in the schools, and at the highest levels of national and international policy making.

Science Workshops

AGCI's science workshops, held each summer in Aspen, Colorado, convene experts from across the globe to present and discuss current research in global environmental change. These workshops promote cross-disciplinary learning, with benefits and applications to future research, global change understanding, and improved policy-making.


Education & Outreach

AGCI has implemented a variety of outreach programs over the years with the aim of raising public awareness on significant topics in global change research. These include:

  • Public lectures arrow
  • Teacher workshops
  • Continuing education courses
  • Graduate student workshops
  • Hands-on activities for K-12 students
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