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Our Energy Challenge

Dr. Richard Smalley
Professor,  Carbon Nanotechnology Project
Rice University

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About this talk

According to the late Nobel Prize winning Richard Smalley, energy is the number one challenge facing humanity. In this engaging and thought-provoking lecture, Smalley explains that acquiring sustainable, renewable sources of energy will not only alleviate a growing energy crisis, but will help solve other world issues, such as water, terrorism, and health. In this 2003 lecture, Smalley presents his vision for our energy future, which focuses on the transition to renewable sources of energy by developing cost-effective technologies that capture solar, wind, and geothermal energy. Drawing from his professional experience, Smalley argues that advances in nanotechnology are the key to achieving a sustainable energy future.

About the speaker

Richard Errett Smalley was a University Professor and the Gene and Norman Hackerman Chair of Chemistry at Rice University. In 1996, he along with Professors Robert Curl and Harold Kroto was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their 1985 discovery of the buckminsterfullerene. He attended Hope College before transferring to the University of Michigan where he received his BS in Chemistry in 1965. Since the job-m... more about this speaker arrow